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FPEAC is an active website and we look forward to receiving your questions and comments. Staff is available to field your questions/comments within 24 hrs. Please fill out the short form below and help shape the future of FPEAC.

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Disclaimer: FPEAC Center staff offer answers and opinions to submitters' questions in good faith and to the best of their knowledge. However, the nature of this forum limits FPEAC Staff to the information provided by the submitter, and omits data derived firsthand from site visits or actual knowledge either of the facility or specific circumstances of issues being addressed. Often times, data and observations derived from visits to the facility can significantly improve the quality of diagnosis and suggested corrective action. In fact, they may alter a potential response significantly. Hence, readers and submitters are encouraged to use these answers as a guideline only, explore other available sources of information in greater detail, and consult your own technical expert(s) or legal counsel before making key decisions or process changes.

Food Processing Environmental Assistance Center
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